Chris Hedges: The Failings of the American Left–Why No Mention of Capitalism?

Fuck Capitalism

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jan 6, 2018

Charles Derber, Author and Sociologist, discusses the failings of the American left through intersectionality.

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  16. I thought this was pretty good — I’ve been thinking in similar terms — but I think Hedges and Derber are using words and sentences that are longer than necessary. Comparable ideas can be expressed more simply. Here is something I posted a few hours before I saw the Hedges-Derber conversation: [begin quote]


    I’m glad that women everywhere are standing up against gender bullying. I support their cause, and I hope they will succeed.

    But I doubt that their success will be complete or will be long-lasting, unless it is linked with racial bullying, religion bullying, the bullying of workers by bosses, the bullying of the poor by police, the bullying of the non-rich 99% by the rich 1%. We can’t beat the symptoms unless we address the underlying disease, the root problem.

    That root problem is the POWER that some people have over other people. It’s true that corrupt people seek power and must be prevented from getting it, but it’s also true that power attained — even in some seeming legitimate fashion — by non-corrupt people tends to corrupt them. That is evident all around us, and it was =proved= by the Stanford Prison Experiment.

    So we need to restructure our society, replacing hierarchical authority with horizontal networking. That’s anarchism — or, in Robert Fulghum’s words, “share and don’t hit.” Among other things, that also means we need to replace “representative democracy” (which has always been a sham) with direct democracy. It also means we need to end economic inequality, since the haves have great power over the have-nots. And since trade increases inequality, it means we have to learn to share everything.

    And THAT is the solution to the problem that the #MeToo people are pointing out. Sure, those are enormous changes. But so is the ending of sexual harassment, which has been going on for thousands of years.

    As a first step, it would help if the women saying “Me Too” would realize they are saying it not just to other women, but also to blacks, Muslims, everyone who isn’t rich, and people in nations that don’t have nukes.

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