Chris Hedges: When Are Journalists Foreign Agents? + Q&A

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with Chris Hedges

Columbia Journalism School on Jan 23, 2018

Columbia Journalism School and the Harriman Institute host a panel discussion with journalism experts on the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Chris Hedges, host of RT America’s ‘On Contact’ interview show

Maria Snegovaya, PhD candidate, Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Trevor Timm, Executive Director, Freedom of the Press Foundation

Jeffrey Trimble, Deputy Director, U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors

Moderator: Steve Coll, Dean, Columbia Journalism School

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  3. The polite hatchet job on RT was late in the panel, but was as disconnected from facts as a panel some of a pair of local journalists put on here in Georgetown TX on women’s reproductive rights. The two “conservatives” turned it into an attack on planned parenthood. How, and why, has journalism come to mean arranging gladiatorial contests instead of seeking truth?

    • It has happened because we’ve allowed the corporatization of everything in society, including media – which means facts and, of course, truth. We have been dumbed down and conditioned to place more importance on entertainment and convenient gadgets than on our civil rights, elections, legislation, court decisions, control of our food supply & medicine, fiscal policy and anything else that truly matters.

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