Noam Chomsky: The Decline of the U.S. Empire


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with Noam Chomsky

teleSUR English on Feb 17, 2018

Noam Chomsky on the decline of the U.S. empire in an interview with teleSUR.

Noam Chomsky: Against ‘Humanitarian Intervention’

teleSUR English on Feb 17, 2018

Noam Chomsky on humanitarian intervention in an interview with teleSUR.

Full Interview

Special Interview: Noam Chomsky

teleSUR English on Feb 17, 2018

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  8. The day will dawn, possibly swifter than even the most skeptical already envisage, when the realization that planetary sense is a non-negotiable prerequisite will become clear; and that high-flying fantasies of absolute dominance are ludicrously naive without some kind of ecological gravitas to back them up.

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