Abby Martin: Is War with North Korea Imminent? Propaganda vs. Reality

Abby Martin: Is War with North Korea Imminent? Propaganda vs. Reality

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teleSUR English on Feb 17, 2018

On top of overtly genocidal threats, the Trump Administration has announced new terms: that they “will never accept a nuclear North Korea.” But, the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea already has nuclear weapons. Does that mean a war is imminent?

While the bipartisan warmongering is receiving no push-back from the mainstream media, Abby Martin interviews Tim Shorrock–journalist and expert on US-Korea relations–to learn what is left out of the debate and the potential cost of a new war.

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    • Sadly… the Neoconservatives have established a foothold in the Trump administration… neocons are STILL trying to get a war going in Syria.

  5. The calculated brutality of the American ‘crusaders’ was/is simply horrific. Napalm!

    The delirious ‘final solution’ of their nuclear brass is the ruthless elimination of any living thing that does not comply with the despotic fiat of Uncle Sam. If ever there was a totalitarian tyranny, it is typified by the despicable, twisted rationalizations of these hyper-intoxicated eco-genocidal fanatics.

    They are plutonium-powered monsters ~ really & absolutely, lethally crazy.

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