Chris Hedges: The Deindustrialization and Collapse of Detroit

Packard Automotive Plant

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Feb 25, 2018

Charlie LeDuff, author of Detroit: An American Autopsy, discusses the deindustrialization of America, specifically Detroit, through systemic kleptocracy.

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15 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Deindustrialization and Collapse of Detroit

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  8. Straight, ‘rough’ and revelatory talk ~ really spells it out. Mega-corp theft is the real American dream; have it all and get away with it. Big-bucks tax-dodging, ethnophobic USA is the archetypal exemplar of rip-off criminal capitalism.

    This sickening and despicable billionaire bigot-land needs to be called to account..

    If it really believed in its religio-fanatic PR rhetoric, it would lock itself up and throw away the key.

  9. “we built the thing that killed the thing;” The American dream. Detroit is so far ahead of the curve it only looks like we are going backwards. In the neighborhoods are many islands of hope — survivors who have known for more than 40 years that no one is coming to save us because the system has never been for “us.” Opportunity Detroit is smoke and mirrors. In the neighborhoods is the blueprint for what comes after collapse.

  10. US electricity consumption has not increased in a decade although US population has. In 2017, China consumes 6 trillion killiwatt hours, the US less than 4.

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