Larry Wilkerson: Is the US Ramping Up Its Military Presence in Syria and Planning to Attack Iran for Israel?

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TheRealNews on Mar 4, 2018

Col. Larry Wilkerson speaking at the National Press Club the day before the official AIPAC Conference. The alternative conference was titled: ‘U.S.-Israel Relations and Middle East Policy.’

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12 thoughts on “Larry Wilkerson: Is the US Ramping Up Its Military Presence in Syria and Planning to Attack Iran for Israel?

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  10. The one factor that strategic analysis does not allow, is the imminent catastrophe of ecosystemic collapse. So why is that?

    However much I respect and agree with most of what Lawrence Wilkerson is saying here, waging war on any front and at any scale, is nothing compared to the impending armageddon that will be, indeed, already is in evidence ~ the dreadful consequences of the universal breakdown of our biospheric planetary systems, that are the only way life can continue.

    We are taunting the gods. Our actions are sacrilegious. The mighty forces we are playing with will bury us. The only sane alternative is mutlipolar ‘cosmopolitan’ rapprochement and an indigenous plan for global civilization. Probably the best we can hope for is some genuine cosmic threat to arrive, that will shrink our pretentious sabre-rattling to a pitiful cacophony of impotence.

    Do not trust politicians!. Strategists may be obligatory, but Artists are far more reliable. Creative genius is the only force that can invoke the necessary powers to produce greatness. Be radical. Be ecological.

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