Chris Hedges: The Fight Against Fascism

Fuck Fascism!

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“In Fascism, the proletariat is confronted by an extraordinarily dangerous enemy. Fascism is the concentrated expression of the general offensive undertaken by the world bourgeoisie against the proletariat. Its overthrow is therefore an absolute necessity, nay, it is even a question of the every-day existence and of the bread and butter of every ordinary worker. On these grounds the whole of the proletariat must concentrate on the fight against Fascism. It will be much easier for us to defeat Fascism if we clearly and distinctly study its nature.” — Clara Zetkin, Labour Monthly, August 1923

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Mar 11, 2018

Anthony Arnove, Editor at Haymarket Books, discusses the fight against fascism by looking at the activism of Clara Zetkin.

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