Wilkerson: Corker-Kaine Bill is Just a Recipe for the President to Continue the So-called Global War on Terror

War is Money (Encourage people to consider how our socio-economic-cultural system incentivizes and rewards aggressions and other harmful behaviors/activities.)

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TheRealNews on Apr 23, 2018

Congress ‘lacks courage’ to assert its constitutional power to declare war. The newly proposed Corker-Kaine Senate bill says it would regulate the president’s ability to wage war, but actually gives him more war powers, says Col. Larry Wilkerson.

“… LARRY WILKERSON: Basically there are several things going on. One of them is political, and it is the fact that if the president uses the war power, if you kill somebody somewhere, if he goes to war with the country, even, the Congress can watch and see if it’s successful, and then cheer him. If it’s not successful, then they can jeer him, and they can accuse him of all kinds of perfidy.

So Congress has the best, best of all possible political worlds. They take no responsibility whatsoever until the facts are in. The second reason is money. Money, money, money. Why, didn’t we strike Syria recently? Was it because we were trying to reassert our prerogatives with regard to Russia and Iran? Was it because Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons? Was it because of some other reason? I will tell you, it might have been any of those, but its secondary reason, its ancillary reason, if you will, is because Raytheon’s share price went up. Whenever you shoot these $1.2-1.6 million missiles in the density that we shot them, the amount that we shot them, you raise Raytheon’s share price, and therefore you raise the money that’s going to come into your political coffers from the defense industry. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, all those companies. They contribute majorly to people like Ed Royce, the chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Committee on International Affairs they call it now in the House. They contribute to all these people’s coffers, political action committees, and so forth.

So war is a very profitable thing, and as long as war is such a profitable thing you’re going to have more of it. You’re going to have Congress acquiescing in it.” …

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