Chris Hedges and Richard Wolff: An Unsustainable System

Fascism is not an economic policy

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges and Richard D. Wolff

Democracy At Work on May 28, 2018

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff delivers updates on the decline of U.S. cities and the potential of “private cities”, the ever-growing freelancers’ economy, why the U.S. Supreme Court decided to legalize sports betting now, Fiat-Chrysler & Porsche added to the emissions cheating scandal, the new federal jobs guarantee and a Catholic University attacks the concept of tenure.

The second half of the show features an interview with Chris Hedges on the unsustainable US system.

Economic Update: An Unsustainable System [S7 E20]
THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
02:37 – the decline of U.S. cities and the potential of “private cities”;
06:05 – the ever-growing freelancers’ economy;
08:20 – why the U.S. Supreme Court decided to legalize sports betting now;
12:55 – announcements;
14:56 – Fiat-Chrysler & Porsche added to the emissions cheating scandal;
18:31 – the new federal jobs guarantee;
23:03 – a Catholic University attacks the concept of tenure.
28:32 – SPECIAL GUEST: Interview with Chris Hedges on the unsustainable US system.


Democracy At Work on May 30, 2018

Full interview with Chris Hedges starts at 30:00 minutes into the audio:

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11 thoughts on “Chris Hedges and Richard Wolff: An Unsustainable System

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  6. We have to face the facts; this shambolic world of ours is a total mess. The sky-jacked systems that operate the core functions of life itself are just not up to the task. The problem is a moral and ethical crisis of leadership and responsibility. Base ‘men’ with warped minds, crave all the benefits and accept none of the ultimate blame for error, mistakes that their woefully inadequate vision imposes on the rest of us. They pay greedy experts to condone and applaud their stupid-vision; so little wonder we end up in stupefied dereliction.

    Professor Wolff talks about the contradictory precocity of the “Catholic University.” Now this is an interesting example. Catholic means universal; university is directly from the Latin universitas ~ ‘the whole;’ so we are starting with a tautology, before we even get going here!

    The function of this so-called catholic church was to rule the known universe ~ “the ecumene (US) or oecumene (UK; Greek: οἰκουμένη, oikouménē, lit. “inhabited”) was an ancient Greek term for the known world, the inhabited world, or the habitable world. Under the Roman Empire, it came to refer to civilization and the secular and religious imperial administration.”

    Now, Universities are reciprocating engines, microcosms of greater society. The irony is, that our Western universities, born of the example of late-medieval Europe, were almost completely founded on learning derived from Arab-Muslim civilization ~ from Greek through Syriac into Latin.

    The christist-catholic-evangelical-zionist alliance is at war with this ancient world. Much of it has already been demolished, blown to unholy bits. The US capitalist establishment of thieves, charlatans and crooks has benefited monstrously from this PNAC assault. The time for politeness has long since passed. This devastating epoch of patriarchal exceptionalism is no longer in the “Western” ascendant; it is fighting a rear-guard action, a last gasping convulsion before it expires for good.

    The true Sun rises in the far East, but it sets in the near West. Hollywoodland is as far as we need to go, before we find it necessary to re-orientate ourselves physically and psychologically to a more rational North/South magnetic field. Our Earth turns on a unique spiritual axis ~ “bold as love.”

    Bring it on folks. This vulgar ‘autophagic’ regime of rich savages has to end. Our Sacred Biosphere deserves something far better.

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    • Hi Dariel! So good to hear from you.

      It works. The link is for the audio not the video. I posted the first half of the show on video. You’ll have to click the “play” button on the audio at the link.

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