Chris Hedges: The Development and Nature of ISIS

Chris Hedges: The Development and Nature of ISIS

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on June 2, 2018

Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, author of A Theory of ISIS: Political Violence and the Transformation of the Global Order, discusses the development and nature of ISIS.

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7 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Development and Nature of ISIS

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  2. Unable to post as my comment blocked; (again.) I don’t understand this but no time to devote to it, so shared and posted my remarks on my fb timeline…

    • Maybe it was too long. Anyway, I really liked this interview. Thanks Lo.

      [From Lo, Here it is:]

      Excellent. A cogent and frank discussion.

      Yes, the ‘western’ methodology is that of a terrorist recruiting agency. Vested tails wagging rabid dogs at each turn. I have been convinced for years that the Middle-east has been designated a genocidal, mercenary killing field ~ to suit cruel, cynical and reactionary right-wing agenda-spinners with ruthless pipelines for brains. Octogenarian Sy Hersh is presently working on a book about Dick Cheney. Now, that promises to be powerfully controversial to say the least.

      I was enrolled in the UK at Exeter University back in 1997 as a mature student, in a four-year undergraduate course of Arabic and Middle-eastern studies, based at what was then the Arabic Centre…a degree programme from which after the first trimester, most regrettably, I was forced to withdraw; all due to administrative bungling by my local education authority….but I packed a lot of learning into those few months, & was particularly impressed by one senior female tutor’s candid admission, that traditional Islamic societies tend to like monarchies.

      Two decades on, I’ve found this contextually provocative ‘throw away’ opinion still worthy of deep reflection. The problem with (hereditary) monarchies sui generis, is their ‘constitutional’ legitimacy; obviously, they must be (historically) embedded in religious/metaphysical zeitgeists of complex acquired gestalts, perennially associated with reflexive assumptions of hierarchic class/caste difference and beliefs. So long as received typologies, orders of divine lineage and hereditary privilege are the assumed pragmatic index of humanity’s real-politique, we shall not improve things very much.

      After all, what are the real differences between a successful hedge-fund entrepreneur, a winner-takes-all venture capitalist, a lionised ‘royal,’ a cosmetically enhanced film-star, or legions of popular & ‘successful’ celebrity artist-musician-scientist-intellectuals, not to mention ‘(s)elected’ know-it-all presidents & their all-powerful (usually ‘alpha-‘male,) captains of industry? Frankly, not much.

      What really distinguishes us, first & foremost, is our integrity as authentic human beings ~ our sincere humanity and ability to implement the necessary; the uniquely biophilic, deeply spritual & ‘indigenous’ capacity for intelligent empathy, acknowledged mutuality and sentient reciprocity.

      So maybe ‘normal’ politics is just absurdly irrelevant ~ debased & fueled by patronage and profit-driven material ambition, so voraciously consuming itself; an over-inflated yet paradoxically, under-rated travesty of the possible.

      Perhaps this would change, if we concentrated more on the scope of individuals and on life-long learning in community ~ empowering vibrant networks to resurrect, fully embody, engage and creatively express authentic feelings, experiences and aspirations…elevating innate socio-spiritual virtues and values that our degraded and vulnerable habitats almost completely obliterate….surely the key is to free-up, dignify and recognize this real potential?

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