Something Seems To Be Missing by Shawn S. Grandstaff

Capitalism kills Love

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by Shawn S. Grandstaff
Writer, Dandelion Salad
July 9, 2018

I believe if we’re not self-aware, we can take on the values of the political and economical system as our own. If so we end up treating each other through that filter. We think we’ve gained individual liberties but it’s been at the expense of disconnecting ourselves from being one with each other, and nature. Rather than going with the stream of life we’re going against the current. The Earth has a frequency and we should be in tune with it. This is speculation but I really wonder if the technology we have today is throwing our frequency off. Regardless, rather than using technology to help liberate people it has been used to enslave us further by exploiting us along the way.

The political system we prop up hoping to fix our problems only brings more division leading to pushing both sides further apart. Propaganda feeds consumerism to live for materialism sold to us by oligarchy capitalists who exploit our labor and Who We Are causing us to live below our potential. Meanwhile exploiting those around the world pushing an imperialistic agenda just for profits. Dropping bombs on other families in the world while we settle back thinking everything is okay. It’s one thing to enjoy the freedom we believe we have, it is another for not standing against what’s being done to other human beings. That’s not to condemn anyone. It’s to say that something seems to be missing for us to continue in this way. If we really knew what our tax dollars were used for the real agenda behind it, we would have no part in it.

I wonder if being under the reign of this affects our subconscious while we continue pushing things down in our unconsciousness since we’re really not dealing with things. We know through propaganda under the name public relations they’ve been manipulating us. If the unconsciousness is being manipulated then there would be a bigger divide between the conscious mind and unconsciousness affecting the subconsciousness. That’s just something to think about connecting what I said with not being one with Who We Are. The fact is, in the end we may not agree on everything but we should value each other the way we value ourselves. Today the cries are not heard. The voices are shut down. When people stand up and speak people seem to think, do they think they’re better than us. When really it just comes down to knowledge. That’s it just knowing certain things pushes you in another direction. If people really knew from the founding of this country until now what the US government has been doing all under the guise of saying it’s for our freedom, there would be more of an outcry to stop this. Now what’s the point because there really aren’t a lot of people caring to know let alone thinking there’s a problem.

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  7. The Republic has turned into an oligarchy just like they said it would. The father of the Constitution said this is what will become of it. Now there is civil distress and the people crying out are demonized by the others saying, “it’s a republic we need to fight to keep a hold of what we got” not realizing it’s been gone for a long time. There is so much division over this matter it is unbelievable. Most of it is out of pure ignorance. Ignorance is the bottom line. This is what’s happening in the world today people have no clue what’s really going on.

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