Chris Hedges: The Exploitation of Laundry Workers

Chris Hedges: The Exploitation of Laundry Workers

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jul 14, 2018

Rosanna Rodriguez and Mahoma Lopez of the Laundry Workers Center discuss worker exploitation in the retail laundry industry with journalist, Chris Hedges.

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  6. It is really hard not to despair, when you hear these dreadful accounts of discrimination and immigrant worker abuse. How can the United States as a system dare to preach to other societies, when its own working conditions are so dreadfully savage? People are treated like throw-away commodities.

    I mean this is a society with the most advanced academic institutions and well-resourced think-tanks, some of which are genuinely motivated to improve things both domestically and abroad.

    The rot set in with Reagan and Thatcher, and their methodical neoconservative dismantling of unions in the so-called free-world. The “West” took a terrible wrong turn in the eighties and we have witnessed the most dire consequences ever since.

    I thoroughly agree with the principles espoused in this interview. Many have grown up in this callous environment, and have no experience of anything different; but the older generation(s) have longer memories.

    This severe moral deficit needs to be corrected, radically. It is high time to redress the balance.

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