It Starts with the Lie that We’re Free by Shawn S. Grandstaff


Image by Walt Jabsco via Flickr

by Shawn S. Grandstaff
Writer, Dandelion Salad
July 24, 2018

Before I say anything I have to say, I’ve never been as free on the inside as I am now. Once I understood some things and let go of materialism I realized where freedom lies. Not that I was caught up with things or it’s wrong to have them but I had to see past it. It opened up a part of me that seemed turned off. I began to see the Human side of me that was disconnected. Please don’t take that the wrong way, it’s the only way I can describe it. And maybe it’s just for me and you’ve already been there.

What I’m really trying to do is bring awareness to something that might be holding people back. My hope is it would stir up something in people to help them be freer. The truth is I’m frustrated by what I see because I know how we got here. If you don’t think the present is bad, let me show you. I’m not trying to rain on your parade or make you give something away I’m trying to stir something in you. Many are unaware of how manipulated we’ve been. It’s been an us vs a beast of control. Once the dots started connecting I saw it. I knew this whole thing was manipulating us into doing what it wants making us think it was our idea in the first place. It’s been sold in the way to make us think we have freedom so we would comply. It starts with the lie that we’re free that’s what feeds it, keeping it alive.

When I realized it was at our expense I wanted to pull people out from under it. All I could think about was trying to help others be free so we could see we’re slowly killing each other allowing profits over people. All of this has been under the control of the love of money being the root of all evil. It literally does anything it can to keep feeding itself. There have been propaganda techniques used on us rigging the whole thing. Now we’re left with cheap choices that cost us a lot. We’re not taught how to live off the land and we got it sold in our minds to consume. You can go left or right but both sides are rigged; there are billboards hanging everywhere trying to influence you. Overbearing advertising breeds discontent so no one’s content with what they got always consuming more. It’s not free will it’s free choices and they’re cheap ones at that.

We have to tear down the stronghold that money has over this world. I know we need some kind of economy but let’s have one built on human values and human beings. The love of money has corrupted the minds of those who pull the strings selling us all kinds of things we don’t need. I’ve bought into the system trying to better myself in it then I realized it doesn’t make me a better human at all. We hardly ever think about the suffering of others. Half the world is still in poverty while we keep building a mountain full of shit. I’ll tell you right now the education system hasn’t helped a bit. It’s been the state educating, no wonder, it just pumps out obedient servants to it. To put it bluntly the political and economical system is the beast we’ve been under controlling us.

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  7. How true! In the last year, I am becoming more and more aware that true freedom comes not from our possessions or the size of our bank accounts but instead on our relations and how we treat each other. Only till then will we be truly free.

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