Frankly, The United States Does Not Have A Government — It Is A Regime + US Sanctions Are Pushing Russia to War by Finian Cunningham

Frankly, The United States Does Not Have A Government -- It Is A Regime + US Sanctions Are Pushing Russia to War by Finian Cunningham

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Updated: Aug. 15, 2018

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from Sputnik, Aug. 12, 2018
August 14, 2018

American politicians provoke a slew of emotions, from tears of rage to tears of laughter. But perhaps the uppermost emotion is one of pity.

With a few honorable exceptions, it is such a pity that the American people are misled by such buffoons. It is such a pity that the American and Russian people — who have so much in common as human beings — are nevertheless being driven towards a state of war by these buffoonish politicians.

Senator Rand Paul, like his father Ron, is an honorable exception.

Paul was in Russia last week offering a hand of peace and dialogue.

Back home, however, the Congress is dominated by Democrat and Republican war-makers, not lawmakers, who harbor such irrational bitterness towards Russia. They are clamoring for war with their ludicrous sanctions against Moscow.

Frankly, the United States does not have a government. It is a regime.

What else can we call it when the interests and needs of the vast majority of the nation are not served. A president, Donald Trump, was elected in part because he pledged to normalize relations with Russia.

But instead the political elites and unelected powers-that-be over-ride the popular mandate, to impose their agenda of belligerence.

So much for democracy!

Rather what is being served is the war-profiting of a corporatist state by a national tiny minority of ignorant and hate-filled politicians who are bought and paid for.

The American regime is implementing more economic sanctions on Russia based on absurd fantasies. The fantasy that Russia carried out a poison-assassination in Britain; the fantasy that Russia interferes in the US elections; the fantasy that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is a “Hitler figure” who also controls the US president; the fantasy that Russian news media, like Sputnik and RT, are part of a fiendish Kremlin plot to subvert American society.

How is it possible to conduct a civilized dialogue with such delusional, paranoid people?

US senators pushing for a new round of sanctions on Russia even gloat about their insane belligerence. They whoop and call it “the sanctions bill from hell”. One of those senators, John McCain, is dying from brain cancer. Wouldn’t McCain be better off thinking about his Maker and trying to leave this world with a modicum of peace? No, it seems.

McCain like the other American lawmakers is so filled with hatred and ignorance he seems to want to end the entire world along with his miserable life.

Make no mistake, what the American Congress is proposing is nothing short of economic warfare with Russia, if this new round of sanctions go into effect. Which seems very likely given the climate of hysteria and Russophobia that the American politicians and their servile corporatist media have generated with their anti-Russia fantasies.

Isn’t it a crying shame that so many urgent social needs in America are being neglected? Poverty is at all-time highs. Children being killed from drugs and gun crime. Millions of Americans go to bed every night hungry. Workers live in cars in parking lots outside their workplaces. Young people can’t get an education unless they become debt-slaves for the rest of their lives.

The natural environment too is going to hell. California’s wildfires are emblematic of a nation that is burning down from its own odious failures and injustices.

Yet, in spite of these urgent unattended needs, the whole energy of the nation is being directed towards belligerence with Russia. Not just Russia, but several other countries. China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Turkey, Syria, and on and on. What is it about the American regime that it is compelled to wage war with everyone on the planet?

Instead of attending to the basic human needs of its own people.

Of course, that is a naive question. How else could it be when the American regime is a corporatist oligarchy whose purpose and function is to satisfy a wealthy elite and their political flunkies.

If the insane and ignorant politicians of the US regime get their way, the sanctions on Russia they are ratcheting up will bring the confrontation to a whole new and dangerous level. For these “sanctions from hell” are deliberately formulated in order to attack the core of the Russian economy. The crazed American lawmakers actually declare that they want to “crush Russia” by sabotaging the country’s banking system and its freedom to do business with the rest of the world.

This move is economic warfare, as Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev remarked in recent days.

Astoundingly, the unhinged American regime is pushing Russia to war.

This is criminality writ large, in blatant violation of the United Nations Charter and Nuremberg standards for aggression and war crimes.

The US therefore is not just a regime. It is a rogue regime, completely divorced from international law.

We are living in an epic fraught time. It is literally a juncture of war or peace. Russia’s politicians have up to now shown formidable forbearance. Unlike their uncouth American counterparts, the Russians never speak of belligerence nor ill-will towards the United States.

Despite the insults and slander from the US regime, the Russians have always maintained their dignity and tolerance. But how long can Russia’s forbearance be endured when the psychotic American politicians are launching an economic war on its vital interests?

Again, is it war or peace? Let us be clear, if a catastrophe happens, it is solely the responsibility of the American regime and its hate-filled oligarchy-serving politicians.

Tragically, the vast majority of ordinary people in the US, Russia and around the world do not want war. We want to live in peace. As with previous cataclysmic wars, humanity is being forced into a slaughter by an unaccountable elite.

Truly, more than any other nation, Russia has suffered most from war.

It knows the pain and suffering more than any other. No doubt that is partly why the Russians are so averse to making war. They know the horror of it more than anyone, and out of a deep sense of compassionate humanity, Russia wants to spare the rest of us that agony. Russia knows the pain especially more than the pampered and privileged American politicians who have not a qualm about making the rest of humanity, including their own people, suffer.

But these American puff-cream politicians should know that Russia is made from much sterner stuff than they could ever be. It was the Russians who defeated the most fearsome terror army ever unleashed in history in the form of Nazi Germany. Russia defeated fascism then on behalf of the world. But that fascism did not die completely. It slinked off to resurrect as it always does where there is corporatist capitalism.

So, will it be war or peace? That’s up to us, Americans, Russians, humanity, to act. It is certainly not Russian politicians who are making war. The whores for war are the undemocratic elites in Washington. The American rogue regime needs to be abolished and replaced with something that is truly democratic. If not, then disaster could be our fate.


US Sanctions Are Pushing Russia to War

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from Strategic Culture Foundation, Aug. 11, 2018
August 14, 2018

The new round of sanctions this week unleashed by the United States on Russia has only one meaning: the US rulers want to crush Russia’s economy. By any definition, Washington is, in effect, declaring war on Russia.

The implemented economic measures may have a seemingly abstract or sterile quality about them: banning electronic exports to Russia, rattling financial markets, stock prices falling. But the material consequence is that American officials are intending to inflict physical damage on Russian society and Russian people.

It’s economic warfare on a sliding scale to military warfare, as the Prussian General Karl von Clausewitz would no doubt appreciate.

It seems all the more significant that this week also saw US internet services launching a major clampdown on anti-war websites, suggesting that the powers-that-be want to shut down any criticism or public awareness of their reckless warmongering.

What’s more, the latest round of US sanctions – there have been several previous rounds since the contrived Ukrainian conflict in 2014 – is based on nothing but wild, ridiculous speculation. That only adds insult upon injury.

Washington said the new proposed sanctions are due to its “determination” that the Russian state was responsible for an alleged chemical-weapon attack on a former double agent in England earlier this year.

The so-called Skripal affair involving Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia allegedly being poisoned by Russian agents using a deadly nerve agent is as yet an unproven conundrum. Some might even say “farce”.

No evidence has ever been presented by the British government to substantiate its sensational allegations against Moscow. Its claims that Russia was responsible for poisoning the Skripals rests entirely on dubious assertion and innuendo.

Now Washington is proposing sanctions based on a wholly unverified “determination” by the British – sanctions that are intended to crush the Russian economy. The proposed punitive measures go way beyond the usual freezing of assets pertaining to individuals. What Washington is moving to do is attack the core financial operation of the Russian economy.

No wonder that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev issued a grave response to the latest American sanctions. He said they were comparable to “economic warfare”. Medvedev warned that Moscow would have to retaliate either “politically, economically or in some other way”. Medvedev’s tone was unmistakably one of alarm at the draconian, gratuitous and irrational nature of the US actions.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also expressed incredulity and apprehension over Washington’s conduct. He said that following the seemingly constructive summit between US President Donald Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Helsinki last month, this latest provocation from Washington makes the American side completely unpredictable.

The immediate sanctions coming into force are limited to banning exports of US electronics to Russia. But it’s what comes next that is perplexing. Washington is saying that if Russia does not give a “guarantee” on halting the future use of chemical weapons, and if Moscow does not allow international inspectors into its country to monitor alleged chemical weapons – then the second wave of sanctions will be applied within 90 days.

The subsequent round of sanctions include banning Russian state-owned airline, Aeroflot, from operating flights to the US. The impossibility of Russia meeting Washington’s absurd demands make the further application of sanctions inevitable.

A separate bill is passing through Congress which is planning to hit the Russian banking system, aimed at preventing international transactions.

Senators sponsoring that bill have labelled it “the sanctions bill from hell”. The title of the proposed legislation says it all: “Defending American Society From Russian Aggression Act”. Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Robert Menendez and Ben Cardin, among other Russophobes who are pushing the bill, are explicit about the objective. They say the measures implemented will “crush the Kremlin”.

Tragically, the American people are being led to the abyss by politicians who are either ignorant, insane or prostitutes for war profits. Maybe even all of the above. Perversely, these politicians and their media clients accuse Russia of “acts of war” over fantastical claims about “election interference” when in reality it is they who are the ones committing acts of war against Russia.

The chances are paltry that President Trump will use his executive power to block the forthcoming sanctions. The political climate in the US among the intelligence agencies, lawmakers and the mainstream media has become saturated with anti-Russian hysteria. The US is an oligarchy in throes of insanity beyond democratic accountable to its people.

Already this week’s announcement of more offensive economic incursions on Russia sent the Russian economy plummeting. The ruble, bonds and stocks all nosedived. This is an attack on Russia’s vital interests. An economic Barbarossa.

No doubt part of the American calculation is to foment social discontent and discord towards the Putin government. It’s the same illegal playbook that the Americans are using with Iran, whose economy this week was also hit with draconian US sanctions.

If Russia’s economy has been thrown into turmoil already over the latest announced sanctions one can only imagine the damage inflicted when further American attacks are mounted on the fundamentals of Russia’s banking system and its freedom to trade with the rest of the world.

For Washington this seems to be open season for sanctions. It’s not just Russia and Iran on the receiving end. China, Canada, the European Union, Turkey, Venezuela, North Korea, among others, are also being battered with American economic warfare, either under the name of “sanctions” or indirectly using the rhetoric of “tariffs”.

For Russia’s part, it has shown immense forbearance up to now in tolerating Washington’s provocations and indeed aggression over numerous pretexts. From the conflict in Ukraine, to the alleged annexation of Crimea, to Moscow’s principled support for Syria being traduced as “supporting a dictator”, to alleged “meddling in US elections”, and much more, Russia has shown huge reserves of stoicism and self-discipline in tolerating what can only be called gratuitous American aggression.

At all times, Russia has maintained a dignified, unflappable posture in the face of American taunting and irrationality. Moscow perhaps thought that President Trump could bring some normality to bilateral relations. That’s turned out illusory.

But what happens now? When Washington has really gone too far. The US has taken its churlish conduct to a whole new dangerous level, by preparing to launch a full-on economic war on Russia’s vital interests.

The crazed American rulers are pushing the world to the brink by their belligerence.

Washington has heretofore given notice that it is not interested in diplomacy, dialogue, or negotiation. It only has one mode of conduct – war, war, war.

Finian Cunningham, is a columnist at the Strategic Culture Foundation, Sputnik, and a Writer on Dandelion Salad. He can be reached at

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