Cornered Rats. What to Do? + Skripal and Syria… The Imperative of Criminalizing Russia by Finian Cunningham + Roger Waters’ White Helmet Terrorists Speech

Parliament Square sit-in against Syria airstrikes.

Image by Alisdare Hickson via Flickr

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from Sputnik, Sept. 8, 2018
September 10, 2018

At the Tehran summit on Friday, Iran’s Hassan Rouhani and Russia’s Vladimir Putin expressed tactical differences with Turkey’s President Erdogan, on how to proceed with the military offensive for the Syrian army to retake the northwest province of Idlib from terrorist groups.

Rouhani and Putin want a determined push to eliminate the last bastion of anti-government militants, while Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey was concerned to avoid a bloodbath and a worsening refugee crisis.

To be blunt: Erdogan’s vote should not carry much weight on the matter. For it was the Turkish president who was a key player in fomenting the very terror groups that are now holding out in Idlib.

There is reckoned to be about 10,000 fighters among a civilian population of some three million.

Those fighters comprise the hardcore so-called Islamists affiliated with the Al-Qaeda* terror network. Groups such as Al Nursa, Ahrar al Sham, Nour al Zenki, and Daesh*. They are specialists in chopping heads off captured soldiers, and civilians, including children, under their reign of terror.

There are no “moderates” among these jihadists. There never was anyway. That was always cynical illusion sold to the public by Western news media obeying the narrative of their state intelligence agencies who armed and directed these terror proxies to do their dirty work of regime change against the Syrian government.

It is documented that the Turkish government and its military intelligence were instrumental in acting as a covert conduit for weapons and mercenaries to infiltrate Syria. Turkish journalists have been jailed for exposing that collusion.

Thus, the American CIA and Britain’s MI6 were crucially enabled by Turkey’s Erdogan in their plot to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

Recall, too, how it was Erdogan’s government that reportedly ran the lucrative oil smuggling routes for the terrorists out of Eastern Syria as part of the weaponization scheme.

So, given the vile profile of the militants remaining in Idlib and their record of horror inflicted on the Syrian people, and given Erdogan’s past role of complicity in that horror, the Turkish Sultan of Swing should do a lot more listening than talking on what to do about Idlib.

Besides, what is likely to be the real concern for Ankara is that it knows the terrorists corned in Idlib may pose an immense security problem of blowback for Turkey. Faced with imminent defeat and cut off from escape routes, the head-chopper brigades may try to flee across the northern border to Turkey. That will, in turn, bring major future security risks for Ankara.

As American political analyst Randy Martin comments:

“The terror remnants remaining Idlib are probably the officers and hardest battlefield soldiers, as well as the leadership of Erdogan’s and CIA’s hand-trained special forces.”

Martin adds:

“These crack terror squads have nowhere to go, no golden parachute, pension or retirement plan. No one wants them as refugees because they are truly bad guys. What do you do with an obsolete army with nowhere to go? Massacre them, or find them a foster home? And there’s no takers on the foster homes.”

This would explain why Turkey’s Erdogan, as well as the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are trying to stall the military offensive on Idlib. They are trying to buy time in order to minimize the blow back from their own states’ deep complicity in the terror networks in Syria.

In any case, the party with the biggest vote in any discussion here is the Syrian government. It has witnessed its country and nation being turned into a charnel house over the past eight years by NATO-backed terror groups. Millions of people have been killed or maimed, orphaned and displaced. Reconstructing the country will run into trillions of dollars.

Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Al Jaafari, told the Security Council this past week that his country will proceed to obliterate all terrorists in the territory of Syria.

Of course, it goes without saying, that the Syrian Arab Army will endeavor to spare as much as possible civilians from violence. The Syrian army has always operated in that way. It is only Western media propaganda that portrays a wanton disregard for civilians.

But the priority is for Syria to eradicate all terrorists – many of them foreigners – from its territory. Why should these heartless, barbaric killers be allowed to set up a de facto reign of terror in Idlib or any other part of Syria?

Russian President Putin said it correctly in Tehran. It is Syria’s sovereign right to take back full control of its national territory from foreign-backed terror gangs.

Earlier, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia would support Syria until all illegally armed groups are totally eliminated. Zakharova also made the important point, too, that of the three million civilians in Idlib, many of them are actually being held hostage by the terrorists as human shields, just as the people of East Aleppo, Homs, Maloula, East Ghouta and many other places were previously before being liberated by the Syrian army and its Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah allies.

Potentially, the NATO-orchestrated war on Syria is coming to an end. The offensive on Idlib is a decisive final chapter.

Since Russia made its noble intervention in Syria three years ago to help that nation defeat the foreign conspiracy to destroy it, the NATO-backed terror proxies have gradually been rounded up and routed to Idlib. Some observers had expressed concern why the militants appeared to be given passage to the northwest province instead of being vanquished at the time of each battle.

Now perhaps we can see the strategic prudence manifest. The disparate terror brigades that had marauded across Syria have hence been neatly concentrated into a corner.

They have shown no mercy to the people of Syria in their past evil service to foreign imperialist crimes. For those with strong enough stomachs, you can read many of the barbarous crimes, recounted by Irish peace activist Dr. Declan Hayes, who visited Syria throughout the war.

What to do with rats in a corner? We should leave that decision to the people of Syria, their brave leadership and their heroic army. And then support them unequivocally in their resolution.

*Daesh (aka IS, ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State) and al-Qaeda are terror organizations banned in Russia


Skripal and Syria… The Imperative of Criminalizing Russia

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from Strategic Culture Foundation
September 10, 2018

There is a direct link between Britain’s sensational allegations against Russia in the Skripal affair and NATO’s losing covert war in Syria.

That’s not just the opinion of critical observers. Britain’s ambassador to the United Nations made the explicit link when she called an “emergency meeting” of the Security Council earlier this week.

The Security Council meeting was convened only hours after British counter-terrorism police released video images claiming to identify two Russian men, whom it said were responsible for the alleged poison assassination attempt on former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in England earlier this year.

The council meeting also followed swiftly on the heels of British Prime Minister Theresa May telling her parliament that the culprits were Russian military intelligence officers acting on orders from the Kremlin. May did not give supporting evidence. It was bald assertion.

In this short clip, Britain’s envoy to the UN Karen Pierce tells reporters the rationale of the British government in convening the emergency session at the Security Council. The envoy reveals more than she intended.

She says that the United Kingdom and its allies would “continue to contest the Russian view of the world in which their state operatives can carry out these sorts of attacks [in England] and can encourage and support the Syrian authorities in their attacks on civilians.”

Pierce added: “So this is actually a continuum, if you like, of contesting that view of the world where you can act outside the norms of international rules and civilized behavior.”

Evidently, the British government is trying to criminalize both Russia and Syria at the same time, over the same alleged crime – unlawful use of chemical weapons.

That would account for why the British authorities have been unduly hasty in accusing the Russian state of culpability in the Skripal affair. By undermining and smearing Russia as a “pariah state”, it is then possible to stifle Russia’s crucial military support for Syria. This is especially urgent given the juncture in the Syria war where NATO-backed militants are staring at final defeat.

The US, Britain and France have all recently threatened to use military power against the Syrian government forces “if” the latter launch chemical weapons attacks. That of course is a cynical pretext for the NATO states to find a legal cover for aggression against Syria.

The allegations of “imminent” chemical weapon use by the Syrian government are also baseless since Damascus no longer possesses any such munitions, or indeed has any military need for such weapons.

What the Skripal affair is therefore trying to do is inculcate in the public mind that Russia has no scruples about using chemical weapons to kill people, which in turn reinforces the notion that Moscow’s Syrian ally also has no scruples about killing people with toxic materials.

The NATO claims of Syrian national forces using chemical weapons have been shown to be false. In recent days, Russian envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzia demanded that the US present details of a Pentagon target list of chemical weapons sites in Syria. The US balked.

By contrast, there is a healthy skepticism among the Western public about official allegations against the Syrian government. Pink Floyd’s legendary singer-songwriter Roger Waters speaks for many when he recently called out the NATO-backed so-called rescue group, the White Helmets, as being implicated in orchestrating chemical attacks for propaganda purposes. [see video below]

In order to overcome the propaganda problem of demonizing the Syrian government and giving itself a pretext for launching military strikes on Syria, the NATO powers therefore have to boost their flagging “false flag” narrative of chemical weapons responsibility.

By criminalizing Russia for allegedly using chemical weapons “on the streets of Britain”, it is a ploy to augment the dubious narrative criminalizing Syria.

Here is British envoy Pierce speaking again:

“The reason the Security Council has not been able to act on CW [chemical weapon] use in Syria is because of Russia. There is a circularity here. Russia is the key to upholding the universal ban on CW use. And the world would be better if Russia would join us in making that ban absolutely watertight.”

Britain’s use of the word “circularity” is certainly apt – albeit for a completely different reason. The actual circular logic is to criminalize both Russia and Syria over chemical weapons. Russia, it is calculated, will then not have the authority to use its veto power at the Security Council in order to prevent the three NATO powers on the council from launching their much-desired military attack on Syria to salvage their losing covert war.

The reckless haste by which the British authorities are accusing Russia over the Skripal affair – a haste which makes a mockery of legal due process and diplomatic norms – can plausibly be explained by the urgency of the NATO powers to free up their military plans on Syria.

How can the release of video images allegedly of two Russian nationals in Britain be possibly attributed to the Kremlin? Two Russian men – if indeed that is genuine information – are supposed to be “compelling evidence” that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an assassination. It is a preposterous leap of imagination and a travesty of legal process, but it is revealing of an execrable British prejudice of Russophobia.

One possible theory in the Skripal affair is that the two alleged Russian men were members of organized crime. Reports emerged this week that former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Skripal was working with Spanish state security services to crackdown on Russian underworld gangs. It is possible that the gangs uncovered Skripal’s meddling in their illicit business model, and simply sent a couple of heavies over to Britain to deal with him. But how such a hypothetical account can be twisted by the British authorities to be “proof” of Kremlin involvement is a telling question.

It is significant that the British authorities have flatly refused requests from the Russian side for information to identify the alleged Skripal hitmen. For example, British regulations require fingerprints to be submitted by all visitors to the country. Why have the British refused to give fingerprints to Russian authorities which could then lead to an identification and perhaps explanation of the two alleged suspects?

The British don’t want to know the truth, because their official narrative of criminalizing the Russian state is the imperative one. And that is because of the urgency for NATO to find a legal, political cover for its military aggression against Syria.

Finian Cunningham, is a columnist at the Strategic Culture Foundation, Sputnik, and a Writer on Dandelion Salad. He can be reached at

Roger Waters White Helmet Terrorists Speech

Clarity Of Signal on Apr 17, 2018

Roger Waters speaks out about the White Helmets being terrorists. Video filmed in Barcelona, Spain during first European date of the US and Them Tour and uploaded on April 14, 2018. Roger Waters exposes NATO-member-state organization White Helmets as a multi-million dollar funded propaganda construct for terrorist factions operating inside Syria.

The Pink Floyd legend denounces the White Helmets As “A Fake Organization That Is Openly Creating Propaganda To Hide Some Terrorists That Are Working In That Part Of The World. That’s My Belief.”

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