To the US Churches: Be Moved With Compassion Like Christ by Shawn S. Grandstaff

Food Not Bombs Table

Image by Gary O. Grimm via Flickr

by Shawn S. Grandstaff
Writer, Dandelion Salad
October 9, 2018

This is me on my soap box to people who want to Christianize government. I’m all about calling down the darkness and rolling over it with the kingdom of God. How did Christ defeat the kingdoms of this world? It’s very powerful and deep when you understand it. He built his kingdom by laying his life down for us instead of taking it up. He was showing us what his kingdom looks like and how it’s different than this world. It was upside down to them but in the Book of Acts the church was starting to turn it right side up. That doesn’t mean we’re sitting idly by just letting the world walk on us. What I believe it means we take a stand for life calling out that which is taking it. Showing people our love for what’s created in God’s image and likeness. We will win their souls in the process.

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