Max Blumenthal: Social Media Purge Silences Alternative Media Outlets


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Part 1: Facebook Erases Hundreds of Alternative Media Pages in Mass Purge

on Oct 18, 2018

Facebook is erasing popular alternative media pages that had millions of likes and suspending anti-war and anti-police brutality accounts, in coordination with Twitter. Journalist Max Blumenthal says this is part of a larger political crackdown; EFF’s David Greene says the implications are dangerous.


Part 2: Social Media Purge Silences Alternative Media Outlets that had Millions of Likes


Facebook polices content, banning hundreds of ‘misleading’ accounts

RT on Oct 12, 2018

Alternative voices online are incensed after Facebook and Twitter closed down hundreds of political media pages ahead of November’s crucial midterm elections. Facebook says they broke its spam rules, they say it’s censorship. READ MORE.

Facebook ‘Purge’ a Step Toward Censorship?

RT America on Oct 15, 2018

Facebook is being accused of censorship after the latest purge of over 800 accounts. The claim is that many of these accounts are being removed for “inauthentic behavior” but many of the accounts are authentic, including a page for one of RT America’s reporters. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports. Author and journalist Max Blumenthal and RT America’s Rachel Blevins join Scottie Nell Hughes for analysis.

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