Capitalism: A Crime Story

Capitalism Kills

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“Ordinary acts of capitalism are criminal in nature. Deliberately pouring mercury into indigenous peoples’ water basins, for decades, consciously poisoning people with asbestos mining and processing, and putting ignitions in cars leaving them knowing their switch often people get killed.”  — Harry Glasbeek

LeftStreamed on Nov 15, 2018

Book launch of Harry Glasbeek’s latest release – Capitalism: A Crime Story.

Glasbeek is an award-winning author of many titles and is a law professor who once taught a notoriously popular course at Osgoode Law School: The Corporation as Criminal. His latest books have been called “profound and fascinating” by Linda McQuaig. He has also been lauded as a “fearless, daunting crusader for the public good in the face of corporate greed” by economist Jim Stanford.

Recorded in Toronto, 16 October 2018.

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  21. Could not agree more. The “problem,” to use a euphemism, is that it is probably too late to save all species from the extinction wrought on life by capitalism as well as by the human arrogance that deems our species as having “dominion” over the entire Earth. While there is life, I suppose there is hope. But very little now. See Bill McKibben’s most recent article late November 2018.

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