Truth in Recruiting

Military Counter-Recruitment

Image by Justin Norman via Flickr

Sent to Dandelion Salad by Antiwar Comedy Shorts

Antiwar Comedy Shorts on Dec 8, 2017

A poster at an Army recruiting office reveals: “You might die, or get your arms or legs blown off.” From a series of 8 antiwar comedy shorts shot in 2016 and 2017. Two of these did the festival circuit, winning 11 awards and being selected in 79 festivals.

From the archives:

They Went to Jail for Justice by David Swanson

Chris Hedges: A Socialist Soldier’s Tale of Resisting the American Empire

Abby Martin: Used and Betrayed: 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats

Resistance Against Military Recruiters at Schools by Pat Elder

Military Recruiting and How To Confront It by Pat Elder

SPIN: The Art of Selling War (2004)

Don’t Enlist, But Don’t Just Take My Word For It by Lo (repost)

Don’t Enlist, But Don’t Just Take My Word For It by Lo

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