John Pilger: William Blum Was One Of The Great American Renegades

John Pilger: William Blum Was One Of The Great American Renegades

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with John Pilger

goingundergroundRT on Dec 22, 2018

On this episode of Going Underground, legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger discusses the events of 2018, including the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen, events in Syria, Brexit, the Integrity Initiative, and more!

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  3. John Pilger and William Blum both heroes of mine. Both have revealed the US emperor bollock naked, that is morally and intellectually naked. They both stripped the all the cosy conventions which clad the US in a benificent light, almost like angel of justice and truth rather than a vicious anti-democratic malign force in the world. Thanks John for raising such a positive salute for our dearly departed William.

      • @25:43 “The present migration crisis in Europe is a direct result of the assault on Libya….” That is certainly nothing to be proud of. It is a crime of unspeakable enormity.

        The grotesque insensitivity of vain power-broking opportunists like Hillary Clinton, is utterly repellent. If she was and is so keen on transforming Libya, why didn’t she go & live there?

        It is Mrs Clinton who is determined to torture Julian Assange and craves to see him suffer; good riddance to that dastardly Russian agent! Her pathetic book is gutter-press vulgar.

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