Chris Hedges and Charlie LeDuff: Shitshow: The Country’s Collapsing and the Ratings Are Great


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with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jan 12, 2019

Societies are held together by a web of social bonds that give individuals a sense of being part of a collective and engaged in a project larger than the self. The shattering of these bonds plunges individuals into deep psychological distress that leads ultimately to acts of self-annihilation, according to sociologist Emile Durkheim. Few reporters have examined this anomie better than Charlie LeDuff, first in his book Detroit, and now in his latest book Shitshow: The Country’s Collapsing and the Ratings Are Great. LeDuff joins Chris Hedges in the studio.

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  1. We’re back to the same fundamental question that never seems to get addressed, let alone answered: what is the difference between power and authority? In the natural world we’ve learned to recognize trophic cascades; in the human zoo, all we see are hideous cages, locked and barred….

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