Will Griffin and Matthew Hoh: Fighting the Unwinnable War in Afghanistan, Parts 1-3

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With Will Griffin
Writer, Dandelion Salad
The Peace Report
March 8, 2019

“For all these costs, particularly the bloody expenditure of lives, the war remains the same as it was in 2009: neither side can win and neither side will surrender. US proclamations of military success and “hard won gains” are specious and are just one of the ever present lies of war.” — Matthew Hoh

The Peace Report on Mar 5, 2019

Matthew Hoh is a member of the advisory boards of Expose Facts, Veterans For Peace and World Beyond War. In 2009 he resigned his position with the State Department in Afghanistan in protest of the escalation of the Afghan War by the Obama Administration. He previously had been in Iraq with a State Department team and with the U.S. Marines. He is a Senior Fellow with the Center for International Policy.

Matt’s article: Time for Peace in Afghanistan and an End to the Lies

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