Abby Martin and Bill Binney: Mass Surveillance and the Intelligence Industrial Complex

NSA the only governmental agency that really listens to the people--DC Rally Against Mass Surveillance

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

Empire Files on Apr 1, 2019

Abby Martin interviews former Technical Director of the National Security Agency, Bill Binney, who blew the whistle on warrantless spying years before Edward Snowden released the evidence. They discuss mass surveillance and the Intelligence Industrial Complex.

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9 thoughts on “Abby Martin and Bill Binney: Mass Surveillance and the Intelligence Industrial Complex

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  8. Truly astonishing. Where we are; and where we’ve actually come from. Let’s call it history.

    What about indigenous Utah before ‘settler-industrialisation’ and the arrival of this one million square-foot energy guzzling storage facility for bulk data….? Staggering.

    The ultra-sophisticated US surveillance state has all this conceivable data at its disposal, while the precociously avaricious ideology it ‘serves’ ~ that extols materialist acquisition and total oligopolistic supremacy and dominance ~ can not furnish the public with even a coherent scintilla of relevant moral advice; on how to cultivate and enjoy an ethical, biophilic existence that respects ecosystemic difference, while celebrating cosmopolitan uniqueness….a way of life that optimises creative possibility whilst replenishing natural wealth in a beneficial cycle of cumulative exponential (social and ecological) improvement.

    ….And then we wonder why the Chinese rulership is so obsessively preoccupied with exercising tyrannical control; not to mention our horror at the fiendishly oppressive measures and ruthless diabolisms of the paranoid Israeli right ~ methods that America actually adopts, endorses and emulates with such blinkered eagerness and patriotic enthusiasm. Never mind the cut-throat primitivism of the Saudi elites, their satraps and proxies.

    The totalitarian reflex is compulsive, endemic and ever present. What is to be done? We can change or we shall be changed by forces beyond our control. There will always be another replacement empire ~ so, how do we escape the nightmare of predictable conformity to reflexive habit?

    I only have two suggestions; the first is to realize your own full potential and find the courage to express it; the second, is not to vote for obsolescence but to invest in political will….the kind of will that nourishes social imagination, & builds the confidence to trust wise choices ~ whatever that really means, or can possibly mean, as every situation is unique. Only one thing is certain, we share this biosphere ~ no other exists.

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