Chris Hedges: The Demonization of Russia is Driven by Defense Contractors (video no longer available)

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with Chris Hedges

RT America on Apr 3, 2019

Chris Hedges, host of “On Contact,” joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the role of the Democratic establishment in the “Russiagate” media frenzy. He argues that it was an unsustainable narrative given the actions of the White House but that the Democratic elite are unable to face their own role in the economic and social crises for which they are in large part to blame. They also discuss NATO’s expansionary tendencies and how profitable it is for US defense contractors.

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  6. Years ago I kept hearing from the newsmedia that Russia was the “enemy”. Frontline had a show about “Putin’s Brain”. Even Free Speech TV shows like Bill Press and “The Nation” authors like Eric Alterman push the Hillary style warmongering and do nothing to expose the outright lies out there. These are supposed to be thought outside of the corporate mainstream newsmedia. The emphasis only on Trump and Fox News is totally hypocritical.

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