Will Griffin: The North Korea You’ve Never Heard About

Will Griffin: The North Korea You've Never Heard About

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by Will Griffin
Writer, Dandelion Salad
The Peace Report
April 8, 2019

“The principle of self-reliance–that one can and should solve one’s problems utilizing one’s own resources and skills and not become dependent on foreign powers–was the guiding philosophy of North Korea’s founding leader Kim Il-sung since the Korean people’s anti-colonial struggle against the Japanese. And it has been the country’s guiding philosophy ever since. North Korea’s experience during the Korean War–when countries that had pledged support didn’t come through with supplies of armaments in its moment of desperate need–reaffirmed its belief that to guarantee its survival, it cannot rely on others and needs to develop its own resources.” — Soobok Kim from ZoominKorea

The Peace Report on Apr 2, 2019

This is the first in a series of videos to focus on North Korea. This particular video is based on the writings of Soobok Kim from ZoominKorea.

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