Chris Hedges and Vijay Prashad: The Arrest of Julian Assange Eviscerates All Pretense of the Rule of Law and the Rights of a Free Press

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Apr 12, 2019

The arrest of Julian Assange eviscerates all pretense of the rule of law and the rights of a free press. Joining Chris Hedges to discuss the arrest and pending extradition of Julian Assange is the historian Vijay Prashad.

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18 thoughts on “Chris Hedges and Vijay Prashad: The Arrest of Julian Assange Eviscerates All Pretense of the Rule of Law and the Rights of a Free Press

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  4. To be honest, I blame the majority of the public for our problems! I really do and if you think about it everything that’s happening is because of their selfish desires, fears and ignorance. There are many types of activists out here but some are ready to pick up a pistol and put these policemen, bankers and politicians to the firing squads. But of course, if we tried we would all be ran down within the week. There would be no public uprising to support us because the public is scared. It’s clear the world governments are all working together to keep us all in line. But people like to walk around with blinders on while we ( activists) know the terrifying truth. We are not free and the situation is only becoming worse. I tell you this, and i believe this with all my heart. When the world governments have gained enough police and military power to control every citizen…that’s when you will see the official end of elections in the west. Not now, but give it another 50 to 100 years mark my words this will happen. The people’s fear will lead this world down a dark path that we can’t come back from. I feel it in my bones. My brother Julian is a prime example of what happens when you stand up to these crazy, power hungry fools in power. We are in serious trouble and everybody is watching football games and buying shit they don’t need.

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  12. “To the leaders of the democratic revolutions of the 18th century, the practices now called extraordinary rendition recalled the dark and crowded dungeons of Charles II and Louis XIV, filled with political prisoners. The bourgeois revolutions in France and the United States abolished arbitrary detention and torture as the hated method of political reaction, upholding the right of due process, habeas corpus, and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment. Under international law today, extraordinary rendition is a crime against humanity according to the Nuremberg principles.” (Eric London, WSWS)

  13. The arrest of Julian Assange is not an act of strength. It is the response of governments in profound and mortal crisis. Economic catastrophe, threatening unending wars of dominance for hegemony, and most significantly, rising social opposition of the international working class. The attempts to silence dissent will be met with mass struggles throughout the world. We must mobilise boldly to ensure workers are clear about the historic and strategic issues at stake and the need for socialist revolution.

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