Chris Hedges and Medea Benjamin: Threat of War with Iran + Anti-War Resistance?

Don't Attack Iran

Image by Kathryn via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges and Medea Benjamin

RT America on May 18, 2019

Chris Hedges discusses the threat of war with Iran and the US relationship with Saudi Arabia and Israel with anti-war activist Medea Benjamin of Codepink.

CrossTalk: Anti-War Resistance?

RT on May 15, 2019

If we ever needed an anti-war movement, it is obviously now. Trump’s hyper-aggressive foreign policy faces little resistance in the mainstream media. In fact, numerous liberal news outlets function as a cheerleaders for the president. Where is the moral outrage? CrossTalking with Medea Benjamin, Walter Smolarek, and Kai Brand-Jacobsen.

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