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by Lo
Editor, Dandelion Salad
May 25, 2019

Time for a new Open Forum on Dandelion Salad.

Please discuss whatever you’d like on any topic or issue.

Always be polite to others who are commenting.

All first-time comments are moderated as well as any comments with links.

I also use this comment section for a Contact page. If you’ve never commented here before, your message will be only seen by me. I will then contact you, if necessary. Please do not submit your full articles here.

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25 thoughts on “New Open Forum on Dandelion Salad 2019

  1. I agree with your thinking vis a vis Trumps attack on Iran. But also consider, this may be an attempt to gain Boltons approval…to keep him in line in case he does testify before Congress; and Boltoon is among the “bomb Iran” crowd.

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  3. Good morning. I’m writing regarding two things, both pertaining to the article, “The War on Terror is a Typo.”

    First, my name is Laura Lance, and I run the FB page, “Anti-War Papers,” which I set up solely to inform on war-related issues, which is the focus of my activism. Yesterday, I posted the above-mentioned article with a cut-and–paste of the text. You left a comment to let me know that this wasn’t at all cool. I did not know that this was bad form and was mortified. Please accept my apology and know that this will never happen again. I have been a long-time reader of Dandelion Salad, a site that I discovered back in 2008 when I first started blogging on WordPress under canarypapers (2008-2011). We exchanged brief communication back in the day.

    Second, I want you to know that I received a request at the top of my newsfeed this morning to take a FB survey. I wish I’d thought to take a screenshot of the request, but I didn’t. It seems to me that it referred to me as “one of a select few” chosen to take the survey. Anyway, I clicked on it to take the survey.

    It opened to a screenshot of the above mentioned article as posted on FB by Dandelion Salad. At the top of the page was this statement: We’d like to ask you some questions about the following content that you may have seen in your News Feed. By “content”, we are referring to any links/videos/photos included in the post.

    Below the screenshot of your post, it asked, “Have you seen or clicked on this content before?”

    There were 5 options for answering the question,,, which ranged from “I haven’t seen this content in my newsfeed,” to “I can’t see the content referenced.”

    I selected the option, “I’ve seen this content in my News Feed and I clicked on it.”

    The “continue” button to answer further questions in the survey was non-functional, so the survey began and ended with that one question.


    I thought you’d like to know. I did take screenshots of 1st page of the survey and — with your permission — may later post these on my personal FB wall to illustrate to others one of the many tactics being used by Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth.

    • Hi Laura, yes, I do remember the Canary Papers. Thanks for being a long-time reader of Dandelion Salad!

      Interesting about the survey on FB. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that on my Newsfeed, but I’m also not very likely to click on “take a survey”, especially on FB.

      It sounds pretty legit to me. There are so many other ways FB is intrusive, etc.

      And always appreciate the sharing of links (not copy and paste) to the blog posts.

  4. “The Action Network” is abusive, by subscribing people to an endlessly long list of action groups, most of which were unrelated to whatever petition it was. I strongly suggest you use a different petition platform. I consider “Action Network” toxic.

    I signed before I saw it was them. And now they will spam me to death again.

    • Today, I signed a petition through The Action Network that had many sponsors. I used the throw-away email address.

      Here’s what was written below the Add Your Name button:

      “By signing this petition you will receive periodic updates on offers and activism opportunities from Daily Kos, American Family Voices, CREDO, Demand Progress, Friends of the Earth Action, Just Foreign Policy, National Priorities Project, Peace Action, Progress America, Public Citizen,, Social Security Works, Win Without War, and World BEYOND War.”

      My guess is that you’ve signed petitions that had multiple sponsors, so each of them received your email address to contact you in the future.

      In the future, always read the “fine print” below the Add Your Name button.

  5. Lo, perhaps the best way to get it going is either write a piece around which a debate can generate or, invite a writer to contribute an article?

    • Thanks, barovsky, however, like I mentioned before I also use this as a Contact Form for writers to submit an article/video. I stopped using the WP Contact Form many years ago due to Spam.

      Readers are welcome to start or join in a discussion on their own here in the comment section.

      If I wrote a piece like you suggested, then the comments would be on that particular blog post, like any of the other blog posts. Kind of defeats the idea of having this place for readers to start their own conversations. In general, commenting has been going down as more people tend to comment only on the Facebook or other social media sites’ posts.

  6. I’m glad you’re doing this. FarceBook has been burying so many articles/posts of significance, I’ve been pondering directing efforts elsewhere.

  7. One of the things I’d like to discuss is: when we opposite capitalism, are we referring solely to the corporate/neoliberal system or everything that isn’t a worker/state-owned cooperative? Obviously the 1% does not include a small local bookstore.

      • Thanks. I just wondered, if such enterprises are technically capitalist as conventionally defined, then doesn’t that mean the term ‘capitalism’ encompass everything from Mom n Pop stores to MNCs? Because if so, the left should refer specially to corporate/neoliberal capitalism. I think Hedges does this and says the same as Parenti, only Parenti refers broadly to ‘capitalism’. I hope I’m not confusing anyone lol it’s essentially a semantic inquiry

        • Well, technically all except worker-cooperatives would be capitalist. But as far as boycotts or other protests against corporations, the small shops would be excluded in our capitalist society. Even the worker-coops in our society are engaging in capitalism.

      • Parenti got most things right, but on this one he’s wrong (i.e., I disagree with him). A little bit of capitalism is like a little bit of cancer — it really IS a cause for concern.

        The Little Prince warned us to weed out the baobabs when they’re small, or they’ll wreck your planet. Of course, St Exupery probably was really talking about fascism, but capitalism eventually turns into fascism, doesn’t it?

        Really, if Mom and Pop are as nice as we believe, then they’d rather NOT be competing for business. They’re looking forward to the socialist revolution that will turn their store into a Distribution Center, so that instead of addressing people’s money they can address people’s needs, as they’ve always really wished.

        And “a little healthy competition” is an oxymoron, because competition is never healthy, despite our nation’s worship of competition. Anything that can be done competitively, can be done better cooperatively. But Alfie Kohn has talked about this better than I can:

        • At the moment, we live in a capitalist nation, so in order to buy things that we need we have choices, buying local or buying from large corporations. In an ideal world, you are correct, but that’s not the world we live in at this time.

    • It’s mostly a Contact Form for those who’d like to submit a new article, but others may start a discussion on any issue or topic. Still no trolling or otherwise making trouble. Of course, no spamming or self-promotion.

      Readers aren’t commenting like they used to in the past, unfortunately. When I first started the Open Forum, it worked very well with other readers joining in a new discussion. Nowadays, I can’t promise that anyone else will join in. Of course, they are most welcome to do so.

      Here are the past Open Forums, if you’d like to take a look at the comment section:

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