Caleb Maupin: Can Socialism Be Achieved Through Voting? + What’s Up with Andrew Yang? A Conversation on UBI

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with Caleb Maupin
Writer, Dandelion Salad
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June 21, 2019

“Socialism is a society coming together and taking control of the major centers of economic power: the banks, factories and industries, the major natural resources, the major sources of energy, all the centers of the economy. All the centers of economic power being controlled by society and functioning to work in the benefit of society. If you think that that could come into being as the result of a bunch of people going to the polls and clicking for one candidate, that’s delusional, could never happen.” — Caleb Maupin

Caleb Maupin on Jun 20, 2019

What’s up with Andrew Yang? A Conversation

[Discussion about UBI (Universal Basic Income)]

Caleb Maupin on Mar 30, 2019

Caleb Maupin is a radical journalist and political analyst who resides in New York City. Originally from Ohio, he studied political science at Baldwin-Wallace College. In addition to his journalism, analysis, and commentary, he has engaged in political activism. He was involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement from its planning stages in August of 2011. He has worked against police brutality, mass incarceration, and imperialist war. He works to promote revolutionary ideology, and to support all who fight against the global system of monopoly capitalist imperialism.

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