President Manuel Zelaya: The US-backed Coup d’etat Turned Honduras Into Hell + Honduras Now Ruled By A Criminal Gang


Image by Peg Hunter by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

The Grayzone on Jul 1, 2019

The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil sat down for an exclusive interview with Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, on the 10th anniversary of the US-backed right-wing military coup that overthrew him.

We discussed the extreme violence, drug trafficking, economic depression, migration crisis, Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH), WikiLeaks, Venezuela, and more.

Video by Ben Norton


Honduras Now Ruled By A “Criminal Gang” – With Western Government Support

TheRealNews on Jul 10, 2019

Honduran Congressman Ramón Soto Bonilla says it is now more dangerous in Honduras to be a land defender than a narco-trafficker.

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