Chris Hedges: The Alternative Media Shames the Corporate Media Into Doing Their Job


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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jul 20, 2019

On Contact host, Chris Hedges talks to Kerry-Anne Mendoza, editor-in-chief of The Canary. Created just five years ago, the alternative socialist website is financed by subscribers and advertisers with 3.5 million monthly viewers. It has been accused of “hyper-partisan” owning to its mainly pro-Labor party content, and The Daily Telegraph, an elitist newspaper, called it “the maddest left-wing website in the world.”

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7 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Alternative Media Shames the Corporate Media Into Doing Their Job

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  6. Brilliant interview. I was making notes this morning throughout this excellent conversation as I listened (using stop, replay, pause etc.) ~ tagging my responses, for further comment….on completion I counted something like 52 headings…..!

    If each was a paragraph I’d likely have written a short essay….so very hard to summarise briefly & do justice to this fine discourse.

    All I’ll say then, is it’s time to call the bluff unequivocally and roll out a consistently robust, open-source response to this ideologically motivated, profit-driven, neo-liberal hegemonic tyranny that purports to be the champion of universal freedoms.

    Profit is fine, if and when it is proportionate; & serves an ecological calculus that increases species diversity, improves habitats and enhances human well-being. Eudaemonia for all, is not an impossible aspiration; it is a spiritual necessity. A decent life and a wholesome death ~ what else can we expect reasonably or ask for? Certainly not ruthless guile and greed to make us more stupid than wise.

    Journalism is closely aligned with history, & that is an intellectual discipline; access to knowledge is not a business, it is a community service ~ neither is philosophy a ‘privileged’ elitist luxury….it is an essential prerequisite to civilized moral existence.

    Let’s climb out of the obsolete coal mine and bathe our baby with appropriate care and due diligence.

    • Thanks for your wonderful commentary, as always, David.

      One of the main reasons I started blogging back in 2005 on another site, later here in 2007, was that the corporate media wasn’t doing their job.

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