CIA: World’s Biggest Terrorist Organization, featuring William Blum

Smash State Sanctioned Terrorism

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with William Blum
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Originally posted January 27, 2013
July 25, 2019

Originally on PressTVGlobalNews on Jan 24, 2013
rightwithya1 on Jun 8, 2014

A close look at the history of the CIA from its initial mission of intelligence gathering during World War II to covert subversive, counterrevolutionary, assassination operations around the world to CIA-led coups and regime changes from its backyard of Latin America to Africa, Europe, Middle East/Near East, Far East, Central Asia, … to its present day War on Terror.

Also a look at CIA-run torture chambers around the world including Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and countless unknown brigs on the deck of US ships around the world.

Operations such as operation Condor of 1975 when at least 60,000 revolutionaries were assassinated in Southern America and Operation Ajax, the 1953 coup against Iran’s Mosaddegh. A close look at CIA’s role in creating and fostering terror and terrorists around the world from Latin American assassins to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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  14. A fine synopsis, well compiled; Press TV has produced a well-researched summary here. Although I doubt that most liberal-minded folk would feel at all comfortable living in clerical Iran, that isn’t the point. This is a cursory digest of a long history since the days of the Atlantic Charter, and it’s the historical facts that count.

    The real issues that arise from this discourse are the urgent need for accountability; who exactly sanctions & sponsors the dismal rabble of goose-stepping clones and why. Secret intelligence is actually an oxymoron, because real intelligence is purely spiritual, & can never be a closed secret.

    All things are knowable symbolically, but only open to authentic internalised legitimization through direct experience; that is to say, to intimate and unequivocal understanding that can never be susceptible to proprietary branding.

    That is why true mystery, the genuine aim of religion, has to be sought through personal endeavour & can never be formally reduced to a literal, profane entity or commercial enterprise. Once organised secrecy manifests its toxic conceits as an exclusive restricted business, it becomes by definition a criminal profanity. A law unto itself operating outside the continuum of consensual, heritable and functional Law, sui generis.

    Organised secrecy means having something (sinister) to hide; pretending to be what you are not. It implies deception as a ruling principle, not just a tactic ~ that everyone knows was the first principle of strategic advantage advocated by Sunzi. Chinese logic.

    The CIA derives its pseudo-moral authority from established ‘piety and power’ hierarchies; the oldest in the West being the Roman catholic confessional system, that is the ultimate metaphysical blackmail device & the most ‘tried and trusted’ methodology of control. Sigmund Freud came along and disrupted that monopoly on poisonous guilt, with his practice of psycho-analysis; and consequently incurred the unbridled wrath of an anti-semitic Vatican.

    If the United States of America was or were, really, the true champion of love and liberty, competent to muster the political will and the ethical capacity to be a prime exemplar of civilized conduct to the peoples of this world ~ ie a superior paragon of Herculean virtue ~ it must clean up its own filthy Augean Stables.

    In my opinion, the right way to do this would be to empower the admirable potential of our scientific and humanitarian institutions. Politically, to strengthen advocacy & prosper local initiatives, by cultivating environmental biodiversity as a dynamic principle of ethical self-determination and biophilic indigeneity; that is to say ~ to proactively invest in truth as the highest expression of integrity, and no longer sanction ecocidal lies and institutionally corrupt, covert deception.

    The argument is a moral and pragmatic one. In an epoch of artificial intelligence, human artifice is paradoxically diminished, but virtue can still thrive.

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