Chris Hedges: The Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest

Chris Hedges: The Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest

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with Chris Hedges

Originally on RT America on Sep 21, 2019

The Chris Hedges YouTube Channel on Jul 6, 2022

Host Chris Hedges talks to Sonia Bone Guajajara, leader of 300 indigenous ethnic groups in Brazil, about the future of the Amazon rain forest, its people, climate change, and the competing goals of agro business, multinational corporations, and the policies of conservative Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest

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  3. The situation is profoundly grave; these dark energies of ecological destruction are blind forces of reactionary anti-metaphysical ignorance ~ perverse and iniquitous in the extreme; cruel and unreasoning, motivated by fanatical insecurity (ironically enough,) but also fantastical precocity, conflated with base superstition & juvenile greed.

    Because of its unprecedented global influence, the United States must awaken ‘fully’ to its responsibilities ~ by admitting to the historic litany of ecocidal atrocities perpetrated in its name, up to the present….before it can (re-)educate and reform its constitutional consciousness sufficiently, coherently and comprehensively enough, to facilitate the necessary regenerative logic to underwrite the quality of planetary stewardship that is so urgently required.

    All human habitats should be garden and wildlife-friendly, designed in ways that are appropriate for their local conditions to benefit the well-being of all creatures, plants and terrestrial ecosystems. All human work should support life, not destroy it. We need to support a revolution/evolution in ecological understanding, that embraces and venerates the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples, combined with the most sophisticated information technologies at our disposal.

    This is indeed a total war ~ the supreme and ultimate War, for the enduring survival and conscious affirmation of the spiritual, emergent & eternal Life Principle, Itself. What else is there?

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