Unplugged For 14 Days by Lo


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by Lo
Editor, Dandelion Salad
October 12, 2019

Had a very unplanned trip to the computer shop and unfortunately it took 2 weeks. I apologize for disappearing so abruptly.

During that time of being disconnected to the outside world as I have no radio or TV, I read or re-read many books. All I highly recommend. Links below go to book reviews and/or where you may purchase the books.

For all the books I have a one-word review: EXCITING!

The Roots of Resistance by Rivera Sun

The Way Between by Rivera Sun

The Lost Heir by Rivera Sun

Billionaire Buddha by Rivera Sun

The Lone Gladio by Sibel Edmonds

Prairie Fire by Dan Armstrong

Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy: Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars (I’m almost finished with Green Mars now)

From the archives:

Dandelions and Plunder Monkeys by System Humanity

Rivera Sun’s The Roots of Resistance, reviewed by Guadamour

Rivera Sun’s The Dandelion Insurrection reviewed by Guadamour

The Rich Are Only Rich If We Let Them Be by Dariel Garner

Secret Guilt, Secret Wealth by Dariel Garner

Wealth Belongs To All Of Us – Not Just To The Rich by Dariel Garner

We Are So Poor Because They Are So Rich by Dariel Garner

Sibel Edmonds on NATO, Terrorism, 9/11 and Drug Running (Part 1)

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B, Protected Terrorists and Stifled Investigations (Parts 2-5)

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        • The books were all page-turners! So very exciting, so I read constantly.

          If anyone enjoys the blog posts here on Dandelion Salad, any of these books would be wonderful additions to your continuing search for knowledge. Some of the themes: Love, civil disobedience, labor rights and strikes, geopolitics, imperialism, police state, anti-capitalism, economics, inequality, resistance and revolution! The Mars Trilogy goes into just about every topic of Science imaginable, plus psychology, sociology, economics, rebellion and more.

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