Ken Loach and Paul Laverty: The Idea Capitalism Can Be Regulated is RIDICULOUS!

Capitalism isn't working

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goingundergroundRT on Oct 30, 2019

On this episode of Going Underground, ahead of a UK General Election in December, we speak to BAFTA-award winning director Ken Loach and BAFTA-award winning writer Paul Laverty on their new film “Sorry We Missed You”, highlighting the struggles of a family living facing an uphill struggle since the 2008 financial crash in the neoliberal gig economy. They discuss the film, the illusion of choice in the free market and how it damages workers’ rights, the hardship of workers in gig economy jobs, the rise of Amazon and how companies like Amazon show capitalism can’t be regulated, the culture of shaming the poor and lauding entrepreneurs, the ignoring of corporate fraud and the continuous focus on welfare fraud, why the ideology of socialism still faces difficulty after the collapse of the Soviet Union and more!

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