Abby Martin: Netanyahu Should Be Indicted for War Crimes!

Abby Martin: Netanyahu Should Be Indicted for War Crimes!

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with Abby Martin

Abby Martin: Israeli War Crimes Against Palestinians, an In-Depth Look ‘Gaza Fights For Freedom’

goingundergroundRT on Nov 23, 2019

We speak to journalist and creator of the ‘Empire Files’ series Abby Martin on her new documentary ‘Gaza Fights For Freedom’. She discusses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent indictment and why this will change nothing for Palestinians since Netanyahu is not being indicted for war crimes. She then discusses her new documentary which features sections on Israel’s use of banned explosive rounds and use of tear gas and other chemical weapons on Gaza’s Palestinians, the continuously deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, the history of Israel’s establishment and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs, war crimes committed by the IDF historically and recently during Gaza’s Great Return March protests and more!

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