John Pilger: The Dirty War on the NHS: Privatisation, Profits and the Impact on Patients

John Pilger: The Dirty War on the NHS: Privatisation, Profits and the Impact on Patients

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goingundergroundRT on Dec 18, 2019

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger on his film ‘The Dirty War on the NHS’. He discusses the issue of the film not being allowed to air during the general election and questions the role of OFCOM as a regulator, the negative impact of management consultants, how the Health and Social Care Act of 2012 opened the door to NHS privatisation, how privatisation causes money to be wasted in the NHS despite more funding promises, the reality of the private healthcare system in the United States, R.A.M volunteering in the US, the 2019 UK general election, the reason why Brexit has been taken over by the extreme right since 2016, anti-Semitism allegations against Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, allegations of BBC bias against the Labour Party in the election and more!

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9 thoughts on “John Pilger: The Dirty War on the NHS: Privatisation, Profits and the Impact on Patients

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  6. There’s a clue in the name, it’s called the National Health Service….it’s a public service…! Even the most fanatical corporatists ought to be able to grasp the value and virtue of good health for their employees! What’s the point of putting up with a febrile government that is bereft of normal common sense?

    A civilized society must be proportionate; the benefits of a healthy society have to be shared proportionally and fairly according to the legitimate contributions individuals make whether paid or not. The toxic idea that a successful society should be perpetually at war with its own citizenry and necessarily the alien world as well, is simply insanely toxic. The key is authentic entitlement to proper education, learning how to develop our innate abilities. Any government that restricts the social & intellectual development of its populace is a monstrous tyranny.

    The BBC is a mammoth institution with many highly competent, free-thinking employees on staff. Their TV side of things may indeed lack the cultural diversity, intellectual rigour, in-depth analysis and outspoken candour of Radio 4 say, but having listened to these broadcasts for umpteen years, and also to the World Service when I used to live abroad, I have to say, without BBC Radio 4 we’d be a lot poorer.

    I admire John Pilger’s work enormously, so it is really shameful that we seldom if ever hear him on the bebe. I look forward to viewing his latest film.

  7. The lies, obfuscation and spin of the 1% and their presstitues will rot in their own excrement.
    John Pilger’s words will ring like a bell for years to come.

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