Martin Sheen: The Twin Dangers Facing Humanity

Martin Sheen: The Twin Dangers Facing Humanity

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“As the environmental crisis worsens, thinking of war as a tool with which to address it, treating refugees as akin to military enemies, threatens us with the ultimate vicious cycle. Declaring that climate change causes wars misses the reality that we human beings cause war, and that unless we learn to address crises nonviolently we will only make them worse.” — Martin Sheen on Jan 12, 2020

Martin Sheen has recorded a video for World BEYOND War outlining the two biggest dangers the world faces. Think you know what they are? Want a great explanation you can share with others?

Declaration of Peace:

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  27. I agree. The problem is this lack of universal metaphysical understanding due to factional division and conditioned bigotry. To advance humanity, we have to decide what it means to be human. I’ve just been listening to the Davos panel that Greta Thunberg addressed today. If we want evolutionary change, we must assume responsibility for our destiny as a creative species. We possess hereditary sentient intelligence and immense potential for diverse cultural imagination, all we need to do is to exercise those gifts, share our insights and work together with integrity and clear vision. On this panel was, her contribution was profoundly affecting. You can listen to the whole discussion here starting @ 4:02

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