Will Griffin: Ideology of the US Peace Movement and its Failures + Will Griffin and John Rachel: The Peace Dividend

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by Will Griffin
Writer, Dandelion Salad
The Peace Report
January 27, 2020

“99% of the radicals are divorced from the masses. They attend rallies and protests but lock their doors when driving through oppressed neighborhoods. They don’t know how to do mass work, how to agitate and organize. They think it’s their opinions that matter, that they fulfill their political duty by expressing them. Whereas, they need to create a presence on the street, amongst the oppressed workers and nationalities, and time is of the essence.” — Kevin Rashid Johnson, New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison Chapter

The Peace Report on Jan 13, 2020

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The Peace Dividend with John Rachel

The Peace Report on Jan 23, 2020

Discussion with author, John Rachel, on his book:
The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World.

Learn more about The Peace Dividend.

So you want to protest?

The Peace Report on Jan 25, 2020


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