Chris Hedges: This Isn’t A Trial By Any Stretch Of The Imagination—It’s A Political Farce + Hedges: It’s Very Dangerous Because First It’s Julian Assange And Then It’s The Rest Of Us

Orange Trump The Charlottesville Terrorist, aka the Pittsburgh Terrorist; aka the El Paso Terrorist, etc.

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges calls out Dems lack of moral authority on impeachment

The Hill on Jan 23, 2020

Journalist Chris Hedges describes what’s happened so far in the Senate’s impeachment trial.

George Galloway – The Mother Of All Talkshows – Episode 32

RT UK on Jan 26, 2020

Joining us on the show today is Chris Hedges – journalist, writer & activist to talk about the latest on Trump’s impeachment and US election. Author and Lebanese academic Dr Jamal Wakim will discuss with George Lebanese protests. Global affairs analyst, journalist, TV and radio broadcaster Patrick Henningsen will tell us about OPCW Douma Leaks. And Chris Williamson – Former MP for Derby North will let us know his predictions for UK Labour leadership election.

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[Hedges begins at 29:28 minutes into the video.]

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