Greg Palast: 17 Million Voters Purged from US Voter Rolls in 2 Years! + Suppressed: The Fight To Vote


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with Greg Palast
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Greg Palast’s website
March 2, 2020

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We speak to investigative journalist Greg Palast about alleged voter suppression and vote-rigging in the United States. He discusses how millions of voters, primarily of colour have been purged off of voter rolls, the necessity of voter suppression for victory for Trump and the Republicans, partisan control of elections, the obstacles Bernie Sanders faces from the Democratic Party in allowing people to vote and more!

Suppressed: The Fight To Vote

Brave New Films on Sep 25, 2019

In 2018 Brian Kemp successfully suppressed hundreds of thousands of votes to become the governor of Georgia. Suppressed: The #FightToVote uncovers the insidious tactics Kemp, and politicians across the country, use to suppress the vote and stay in power. Our basic democratic rights are at stake, and in 2020 and beyond we need to #FightToVote. Share this film with your family and friends. Help us get to 2,020 screenings before the 2020 election by signing up for a home watch party, or to host a screening in your community, school, or faith community. For more information and to sign up, go to:

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Excerpt from California: Screwing Bernie Sanders Again? by Greg Palast:

“NPP voters, if you want to vote in the California Democratic primary, you MUST ask for a “CROSSOVER Democratic ballot”. But why not make your life easy? Register as a Democrat. It doesn’t mean you have to vote Democrat in the general or anywhere else. It just means you have the right to vote in the primary without getting hassled and with less risk that your ballot will be thrown out.”

Kemp Loses Vote Purge Suit Brought by Reporter Palast

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Vote411 from the League of Women Voters Education Fund (Click on your state for more info.)

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