Martin Sheen: What Weapon Currently Kills The Most In Wars Around The World?

The 3% Plan to End Starvation

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“Here’s a proposal that could end starvation around the globe. Never again need a human being lack the food to live. Never again need a single child or adult suffer the horrors of starvation. Hunger as a danger to anyone can be made a thing of the past. All that is required, apart from basic skills in distributing resources, is 3 percent of the military budget of the United States, or 1.5 percent of all the military budgets in the world.” — World BEYOND War on Apr 5, 2020

Martin Sheen has recorded a video for World BEYOND War.

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4 thoughts on “Martin Sheen: What Weapon Currently Kills The Most In Wars Around The World?

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  3. Fear.
    Is by far the biggest killer on the planet.
    Governments, on behalf of the MIC, manufacture fear in citizens to justify military spending.
    They are aided and abetted by Hollywood, shock jocks and the pro war media.
    It makes the sane insane.

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