Nothing Is Going Back To Normal — May Day 2020

Occupy May Day 2012

Image by brent granby via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

sub.Media on Apr 30, 2020

This May Day finds us at an important historic crossroads. Amidst a global pandemic, this year the streets will be eerily silent as people forgo the marches, rallies and riots that are the annual rituals of international workers day.

But while the streets may be calm, the class war rages on. Wildcat strikes are popping off among ‘essential workers’ who two months ago were seen as some of the lowest, most precarious participants of the gig economy. Prison uprisings are breaking out around the world at an unprecedented rate. And millions of tenants are withholding their rent in what could become the first global rent strike in history.

These are interesting times. Stay safe. Get organized. Fight hard. Happy May Day.

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