New Open Forum on Dandelion Salad 2020

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by Lo
Editor, Dandelion Salad
May 24, 2020

Time for a new Open Forum on Dandelion Salad.

Please discuss whatever you’d like on any topic or issue.

Always be polite to others who are commenting.

All first-time comments are moderated as well as any comments with links.

I also use this comment section for a Contact page. If you’ve never commented here before, your message will be only seen by me. I will then contact you, if necessary. Please do not submit your full articles here.

Please don’t use this to only drop a link without any discussion. This is for those who do want to have a discussion.

If you need any assistance in finding a particular blog post, please let me know.

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18 thoughts on “New Open Forum on Dandelion Salad 2020

  1. Wondering if you’re aware of the growing movement to pressure House progressives, including members of the “squad”, to withhold votes for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House unless she agrees to hold a vote for Medicare for All (specifically H.R. 1384) on the House floor:

    Here’s a video featuring AOC’s previous thoughts on Medicare for All, along with the names and phone numbers of progressives to contact:

    Medea Benjamin of Code Pink is on board as are many others.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • No, as it’s not something I would like to have.

      Many of the writers have their own websites and do have donate buttons.

      Are there any particular writers that you’d like to support?

  2. The current clamour over China’s imposition of draconian security laws on Hong Kong should be compared with the situation in Palestine, where Israel continues to maintain its colonial settler regime by military and police terror.
    Hong Kong was originally Chinese until the British nabbed it under the the Treaty of Nanking, settlement for the First Opium War. So, in effect, China is asserting control over its own territory, unlike Israel in Palestine.
    Bizarrely, Trump has issued an Executive Order which makes it impossible for pension funds, companies and communities to boycott Israel. Twenty eight US states now require those pursuing employment and other contracts worth more than $1,000, to sign a commitment not to boycott Israel. This violates the First Ammendment, is illegal and weakens the rule of international law.

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