Danny Haiphong: George Floyd and the Centrality of White Supremacy in America

"Am I next?" - Justice for Philando Castile

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“One of the reasons why white supremacy is such a huge lesson out of the Covid-19 pandemic is because Black workers have ultimately been the ones who have sacrificed themselves to ensure that what profits can be made here in the United States continue to be made. And they were ultimately the ones who bore the brunt of the deaths in most states across the country where Black Americans reside; two to three times the rate of deaths has been higher for Black Americans than White Americans in many cities and states across this country.” — Danny Haiphong

The Left Lens with Danny Haiphong on May 27, 2020

Danny Haiphong discusses a major lesson of the COVID-19 pandemic: the centrality of white supremacy in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.

For reference: Glen Ford’s latest piece on George Floyd.

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