Chris Hedges: The Real Looting of America

DC George Floyd Protest (I)

Image by Brett Weinstein via Flickr

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“But I can tell you that the ruling elites, given what they’re doing in Washington and their utter refusal to respond in a rational way to what’s happening to larger and larger numbers within the citizenry, are playing with fire and playing with their own destruction.” — Chris Hedges

with Chris Hedges

The Jimmy Dore Show on May 31, 2020

Cops Aim Straight For Reporters & Shoot Live On Air! w/Chris Hedges

The Jimmy Dore Show on May 31, 2020

Autopsy Says George Floyd Died Of Natural Causes. w/Chris Hedges

The Jimmy Dore Show on May 31, 2020

Fox News Crew Surrounded & Chased By DC Protestors. w/Chris Hedges

The Jimmy Dore Show on Jun 1, 2020

Transit Union Refusing To Transport Cops Or Prisoners! w/Chris Hedges

The Jimmy Dore Show on Jun 1, 2020

Corporate News Loves Hong Kong Protestors & Hates American Protesters. w/Chris Hedges

The Jimmy Dore Show on Jun 1, 2020

From the archives:

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  13. Thank you for having Chris Hedges on to give us his take on this escalating situation. In Ft. Worth, Texas last night, in the middle of a potentially violent standoff between the police and the people, suddenly an officer knelt down in the middle of the street and started praying. It was amazing that some more cops knelt and then the protesters started kneeling down and praying too. Gradually the massive crowd began to quietly dissipate, one by one, until the scene dissolved into a quiet observation of the eight o’clock curfew. This won’t make national television, but it happened.

    • Thanks for your comment, Don. To be clear, Jimmy Dore interviewed Chris Hedges, and Dandelion Salad embedded the videos into the blog post.

      As far as police kneeling, there have been many reports and photos and videos, at least online.

      Do I trust those kneeling police, not a chance.

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