Abby Martin: Biden vs. Trump on Foreign Policy

Abby Martin: Biden vs. Trump on Foreign Policy

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with Abby Martin

“There are many more people outside the US who are impacted by the decisions of the American president than those who live within its borders.” — Abby Martin

Empire Files on Oct 9, 2020

Who is the better anti-war choice? Abby Martin settles the score.

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  15. It is as it was on the titanic where the blind arrogance of an imagined infallibility suffered the cold reality of a deadly indifference to the dangers of pervasive corruption. The same pathos of supercillious contempt poisoned the necessary benefits of the qualitative reasoning that under pins all human sucess…. All endeavors have requisites for success…a vanguard against all forms of corruption should be the first, incumbent upon us all if we are to survive the evolution of any crisis

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