Chris Hedges: This Is The Unraveling Of The US Empire + The Childish Mania of Hope

Democrats and Republicans

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

Katie Halper on Oct 9, 2020

Journalist Chris Hedges and Historian Gerald Horne discuss the “perilous moment we’re facing,” which reminds Hedges of the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the wars in the Middle East, which he covered.

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Chris Hedges on ‘The Childish Mania of Hope,’ + James Baldwin, Gramsci and Aristotle

Katie Halper on Oct 9, 2020

Journalist Chris Hedges talks to me, Professor Gerald Horne and Nando Vila about “the childish mania of hope which is crippling and disempowering. Part of the problem is we’re not adult enough to face what’s in front of us and if we can’t face what’s in front of us, then we can’t respond in an effective and meaningful way.” Hedges then reviews what’s in front of us: “We’re heading towards the collapse of civilization except for this time, because of the climate, when we go down, the whole planet’s going with us.” On a lighter note, Hedges talk being a war correspondent, Gramsci, Aristotle and what James Baldwin teaches us about hate groups.

Chris Hedges: ‘I Won’t Vote For Biden. He Helped Vomit Up Trump’

Katie Halper on Oct 10, 2020

Journalist Chris Hedges explains why he won’t for Joe Biden, even though Trump will be worse: “I haven’t voted Democrat since 2000. I spent months of my life in Gaza. I’m not voting for anybody who arms and funds the apartheid state of Israel. I’ve taught in the prisons for ten years and I have very close relationships with my students and their families.”

Historian to Biden Fans: ‘Instead of Vote shaming, Explain How Libs & Neocons Created Trump’

Katie Halper on Oct 10, 2020

Historian Gerald Horne responds to Chris Hedges’ (personal) argument against voting for Biden by saying that if Leftists want to make the case for Biden they should do it in a way that provides a historical and political explanation and shows how liberals, Necons and Democratic Elites created the perilous moment at which we find ourselves. Or people are going to be really confused. Dr. Horne also warns against the rise and rehabilitation of the Neocons.

Dr. Horne holds the Moores Professorship of History and African American Studies at The University of Houston. He has written over three dozen books, the most recent of which is The Dawning of the Apocalypse: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, Settler Colonialism, and Capitalism in the Long Sixteenth Century.

Full Show: Chris Hedges & Gerald Horne + David Sirota on Amy Coney Barrett + Arun Gupta Live in Portland

Katie Halper on Sep 30, 2020

Journalist Chris Hedges and historian Gerald Horne will discuss the debate as well as what is to be done on election and beyond. Then David Sirota joins to talk about Amy Coney Barrett, why Dems are so bad at stopping reactionary Supreme Court noms and his site The Daily Poster. Finally, Arun Gupta talks to us live from Portland about The Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and white supremacists.

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  6. Hedges will vote for the Green Party, not for Biden, but he said in one of these videos that this decision is for personal reasons, not in terms of what is best for the country or the world.

    I live in an uncontested state, so I am free to vote for a third party. But I am urging people in swing states to vote for Biden. And after the election, we need to overthrow Biden, and overthrow capitalism. My reasons are more complicated than the usual “Trump is worse.”

    My own opinions: (a) The clock has run out. Climate change is speeding up, much faster than the corporate news says, because they don’t mention feedback loops or tipping points. I have reason to believe that the climate situation is worse than the IPCC has said, and they’ve said on our present course we’ll pass the point of no return by 2030. I’d say 2024 is too late. There’s NO TIME LEFT for incremental change or “building” a third party, though a third party seems to be the recommendation of many “progressives” such as Hedges. (b) No capitalist government can do what is needed regarding climate change, because the capitalists cannot see beyond the short-term profits keeping them in power. I am disappointed by “progressives”; that term nowadays applies to people who believe capitalism can be reformed, people who do not see that externalized costs are inherently ecocidal. ONLY A GLOBAL ECOSOCIALIST REVOLUTION HAS ANY CHANCE OF AVERTING NEAR-TERM HUMAN EXTINCTION. (c) Therefore we must overthrow capitalism. This must be done very soon, since the climate clock has run out. But this will require spreading awareness to a large portion of the public. That must be the focus of our efforts in the immediate future. It will take some time. For instance, we certainly won’t be ready before the election.

    (d) In broad terms, it hardly matters whether Biden or Trump wins the election. Both are ecocidal servants of the corporations; either would have to be overthrown along with capitalism. But in specific terms, it might make a difference: (i) Trump is more overtly fascistic — for instance, I think he is more likely to use ordinary bullets, machine guns, napalm, etc., on peaceful demonstrators. That will make him harder to overthrow. (ii) Trump has been slashing environmental regulations at breakneck speed; I cannot imagine Biden being so ecocidal. (I could be wrong about that though; we won’t know until Biden is in the White House.) Thus I think Trump would do greater damage in the remaining time before the revolution. For both of these reasons, I would choose to ELECT AND THEN OVERTHROW BIDEN.

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