Ralph Nader: What It Takes To Create Social Change Against All Odds

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with Ralph Nader

TEDMED on Oct 23, 2020

It is impossible to think about environmental advocacy today without remembering what brought us here. For decades, Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader has been identifying corporate misdeeds, galvanizing public action, and guiding regulatory action to build a safer and healthier world. From taking on the automobile industry by vying for improved safety features for passengers – like mandatory seat belts – to tobacco regulations, The Clean Air Act, and more, Ralph’s efforts have fundamentally shaped legislature over the past decades.

He firmly believes that each of us can be advocates for a cleaner environment and a consumer focused economy because lawmakers and representatives will always need votes more than they need corporate dollars. He inspires us to break through power structures and embrace democracy to take citizen action towards a safer world.

Through years of organizing, advocacy, and activism, Ralph shares that citizens truly can move legislation forward. Watch Ralph’s TEDMED 2020 Talk “What it takes to create social change against all odds” to learn how each of us can be a champion for consumer rights and a clean, safe future.


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