Chris Hedges: There is Massive Interference in Every Electoral Campaign in the US by a Foreign Power and that’s Israel

Confront Zionism, Boycott Israel

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with Chris Hedges

“Both sides of the elites are culpable in refusing to acknowledge because they’re both responsible for the rage that is legitimately ripping across the country. And so they use this notion of foreign interference as a way to deflect attention from their own complicity in de-industrialization and the concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny oligarchic elite and trade deals and programs of austerity and wholesale surveillance and militarized police and the largest prison system in the world, 25% of the world’s prisoners although we’re four percent of the world’s population so it’s a familiar tactic.” — Chris Hedges

Richard Medhurst on Dec 9, 2020

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3 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: There is Massive Interference in Every Electoral Campaign in the US by a Foreign Power and that’s Israel

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  2. A lot of words in one sentence could use further definition. Liberal, capitalism, devolved, open tyranny. Hedges uses these words a bit loosely.

    In other news we see that Russians have been hacking the U.S. government. No hoax.


    • Thanks, Gary.

      The word “Left” is the one that I think is used improperly in most mainstream media, but Hedges uses it, too, to mean the Democrats who I believe are right of center for the most part.

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